What is Virtual Easter?


Virtual Easter is an immersive virtual and in-person experience. It is designed to entertain and provide unique adventures to everyone in a safe and well-planned interactive environment. This brilliant marketing activation connects the virtual and real worlds. It is a celebration of Spring, new beginnings and Easter.  Our professional expertise powers the experience with a true desire for better, safer, and shared times with our communities.

How Does Virtual Easter work?

The combination of services and products is a one-of-a-kind service offering.  Our experience in strategy, implementations, and strive for digital transformation, combined with in-depth knowledge of business operations are the backbone of our offering.

Virtual Easter consists of virtual and in-person options, which businesses can license based on their objectives and desired outcomes. It allows you to purchase each segment individually or combine them with ease. Some of the options include a real-life virtual Easter egg hunt, with options to do a scavenger hunt, quests, promote local business and run contests.


Designed for the 
leaders of tomorrow

We offer you an amazing opportunity to be an innovation and industry leader, by providing interaction and entertainment to your customers in a way that was never done before.

We offer you an amazing opportunity to be an innovation and industry leader, by providing interaction and entertainment to your customers in a way that was never done before.

Virtual Easter Mirable Leaders
Virtual Easter egg hunt

Virtual Easter

Virtual Easter egg hunt

A custom made photo frame with a cute Easter theme will be available on your website or as an added experience to the Virtual Easter Egg Hunt. Customers will be able to snap a photo by opening the link on their phone or computer at the comfort of their homes. They will be able to save the memory immediately with your embedded branding.

Virtual Easter egg hunt

Egg Hunt
We will place a unique and first-to-market digital real-life Easter Egg Hunt at your chosen location. Customers will be able to collect cute Easter eggs and avatars for points and a chance to win a prize or enter a contest of your choice.

A custom app will open the camera on a mobile device and 3D avatars will be available for collection in real time.

Virtual Easter egg hunt

Virtual Reality World
A magnificent Virtual Reality world will be created for your customers to enter and collect avatars and eggs. They will accumulate points and redeem for a prize or enter a contest.


This amazing and never done before experience provides your brand with an invaluable opportunity to connect to your customers and promote your business in a never-done-before way.

Virtual Easter egg hunt

Your guests will pre-register for a timed entry to the digital, kid-friendly real-life Easter Egg Hunt and Easter-themed world. Joyful decor and delights will welcome visitors. We will facilitate a touchless registration allowing people to safely and undoubtedly enjoy the adventure.

Virtual Easter egg hunt

When guests pre-register they may have the opportunity to pre-order a delicious package. Visitors will choose from a selection of sweets and savouries. These themed take-out experiences will be supplied by your vendors of choice and complete the experience. As a result, everyone will have the chance to take a token to share with their family.

Virtual Easter egg hunt

Multiple digital and physical touchpoints will create a memorable Easter experience days in advance of arriving at the physical location. Consequently, upon arrival, visitors will be whisked into an Easter world. Complete with music, entertainment, décor it will create a memorable sensory experience like no other.

Our unique services offer opportunities to engage with your customers in an authentic and creative way. You will provide a safe and entertaining environment for people to engage with your brand.

Virtual Easter egg hunt

To learn more about each available option and how we can create a custom plan just for your business contact us today.

Thank you for allowing us to present this unique activation to you. We look forward to connecting and tailoring the services to best fit your business objectives.

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